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Sports betting has been around ever since the idea of “sports” existed. Ancient Romans bet on the outcomes of the Coliseum, wagers were made on hunt outcomes, and betting on horse races was actually considered a national pastime for a while. While sports betting may no longer be viewed as a national pastime, it’s still a hobby that’s shared by people from all walks of life.

With the rise of technology, engaging in this pastime has gotten easier, with a lot of betting now being done online. This brings a whole new level of problems for bettors, however. Not only do you run the usual risks of gambling, you also now have to worry about the issues of being online, such as identity theft, personal information being stolen, or your bank info getting stolen.

Here at Et Fultbol es Celeste, our goal is to help you enjoy the exciting world of online sports betting, whether you’re an veteran with years of experience to draw from, or new to the hobby. We do this by providing our audience with betting tips for beginners, news and updates about the world of sports betting, and discussion about responsible gambling. Remember, betting is only good if it’s not hurting anyone, you included.

We’re also open to contributing writers sharing their experience and insight with us. If you’d like to consider submitting an article to us, please visit our Contact Us page to get our details. Articles should be at least three hundred words long, with good grammar and proper punctuation. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!