Get That Goal: Things To Keep In Mind When Picking A Sports Team To Back

Get That Goal: Things To Keep In Mind When Picking A Sports Team To Back

Thanks to the recent lift on the sports betting ban in New Jersey, more people are now able to get into the exciting world of sports betting! A lot of us do this on a smaller scale: wagers with friends or officemates, schoolyard bets on local teams, and now even wages on e-sports. But if you’re going to get into the bigger world of sports betting, there’s more to it than just backing your favorite team.

Bet Objectively

The norm when it comes to betting is usually picking your favorite team and hoping for the best. When it comes to sports betting, however, sometimes you’ll have to take a step back and take a look at the contest from an objective, rather than a subjective point of view. While it may hurt, betting based on reasoning, logic, and facts always pays off more than betting based on personal bias.

Bet Smart

It’s easy to get drawn into a bet, even if it’s a sport or teams you aren’t very familiar with. A lot of the time, people will place bets just because they heard that a team or particular player is good. Sometimes it pays off, but it can also fail spectacularly. If you aren’t sure about the options to bet on, bet smart: either don’t bet too big, or don’t bet at all.

Personally, I have a bet limit for unfamiliar teams. If I don’t really know the teams or sport that well, I don’t go over a certain amount when betting. This means that I control any possible losses before they happen, while keeping enough set aside for the teams I do know.

Stay Updated

Casual betting can be dangerous. Simply betting on a team because “they won last year” can actually backfire. Given how players can be traded, suspended, or injured, it’s important to know who is playing at the game you’re betting on. After all, if the star players are out of commission, the team isn’t qite the team you remember winning last time, right?

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One Foot In The Door: Things To Know Before Betting On The World Cup

One Foot In The Door: Things To Know Before Betting On The World Cup

World Cup Fever is upon us once again, and naturally, bets on who will win and by how much are everywhere. From casual bets made over social media, to major bets on sportsbooks only made after hours of research, the World Cup has always been one of the biggest sports events that dominate the world of sports betting.

For serious bettors, however, it isn’t always just a matter of putting money on your home team and hoping for the best. The bracket nature of the World Cup means that not only are there bets on your home team, but for each bracket vying for a spot all the way up to the finals. This means that there are a lot of factors to consider, should you choose to bet on each bracket towards the finals. Here are some to keep in mind:

Roster and Starting Lineup

While some people usually only look at the strongest members of the team when deciding which of the competing teams is stronger, there are other factors to consider, especially if the key players on each team are similar in terms of skill and consistency. One key point is the starting lineup.

Given how long a soccer game goes on for, taking note of the starting lineup for the match will give you insight into how confident the team is as they come into the match. A more confident team will start strong, hoping to dominate early, while a more reserved team is likely to save some strong player for the later game to ensure they have fresh, strong players to outdo players who have been there since the first quarter.

Preliminary Performance

The preliminaries are usually a good indicator of how well a team will do down the line. Not only do the prelims show you how effective the team is, wins or losses accumulated here can affect the team down the line. For example, when a team that’s usually known for strong, decisive plays is only just managing to stay ahead of the opposition, it may be a good sign that the team isn’t at its best this year.

What do you usually consider when deciding which team to bet on? Let us know!

Bet Big: Why Legalized Betting Is Good For America

Bet Big: Why Legalized Betting Is Good For America

With the recent overturning of the sports betting ban In New Jersey, there has been a lot of outcry as to why this is bad, with arguments usually revolving around the same old issues of morality and the like. What a lot of people don’t realize that lifting the sports betting ban outside Las Vegas (yes, the ban never applied to Vegas) can actually be very good for everyone. Here is why:

Government Regulations

One of the problems of a sports betting ban outside of Las Vegas is that it doesn’t actually stop sports betting. What you end up with are shady operations that offer big payouts but bettors run the risk of getting robbed, scammed, or worse. Victims aren’t likely to go running to the police because, well, doing so would also have to include them admitting that they engaged in something illegal. The thieves get away more often that not.

Having the sports betting become a legal activity means that bettors will have access to sports books that will have to register as businesses. What does this mean? It means accountability. Promised payouts, customer security, and customer safety become things that the business can be held accountable for lest they face charges. This will make it safer for bettors and their money.

More Jobs

New businesses mean new job openings. Given the extremely competitive job market, creating new jobs benefits everybody; Legal jobs at that, protected by labor and wage laws. By lifting the ban and allowing these businesses to open up as legit, the people who work in the business will now be contributing to society rather than hiding from it.


As a legitimate business, a sports betting business would be taxed as all legitimate businesses are. This means that the money going into the business will also be going back into the community, once again benefiting everybody.


One of the reasons that people with gambling addictions don’t ask for help is because they’re afraid of being ostracized for their chosen hobby. Lifting the ban also gives gambling addiction support groups a platform to engage the families of bettors, showing them how, in moderation, sports betting isn’t a bad thing. Having the family more accepting of the hobby has been shown to help bettors understand when they’re betting too much.