Get That Goal: Things To Keep In Mind When Picking A Sports Team To Back

Thanks to the recent lift on the sports betting ban in New Jersey, more people are now able to get into the exciting world of sports betting! A lot of us do this on a smaller scale: wagers with friends or officemates, schoolyard bets on local teams, and now even wages on e-sports. But if you’re going to get into the bigger world of sports betting, there’s more to it than just backing your favorite team.


Bet Objectively

The norm when it comes to betting is usually picking your favorite team and hoping for the best. When it comes to sports betting, however, sometimes you’ll have to take a step back and take a look at the contest from an objective, rather than a subjective point of view. While it may hurt, betting based on reasoning, logic, and facts always pays off more than betting based on personal bias.


Bet Smart

It’s easy to get drawn into a bet, even if it’s a sport or teams you aren’t very familiar with. A lot of the time, people will place bets just because they heard that a team or particular player is good. Sometimes it pays off, but it can also fail spectacularly. If you aren’t sure about the options to bet on, bet smart: either don’t bet too big, or don’t bet at all.

Personally, I have a bet limit for unfamiliar teams. If I don’t really know the teams or sport that well, I don’t go over a certain amount when betting. This means that I control any possible losses before they happen, while keeping enough set aside for the teams I do know.


Stay Updated

Casual betting can be dangerous. Simply betting on a team because “they won last year” can actually backfire. Given how players can be traded, suspended, or injured, it’s important to know who is playing at the game you’re betting on. After all, if the star players are out of commission, the team isn’t qite the team you remember winning last time, right?

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