One Foot In The Door: Things To Know Before Betting On The World Cup

World Cup Fever is upon us once again, and naturally, bets on who will win and by how much are everywhere. From casual bets made over social media, to major bets on sportsbooks only made after hours of research, the World Cup has always been one of the biggest sports events that dominate the world of sports betting.

For serious bettors, however, it isn’t always just a matter of putting money on your home team and hoping for the best. The bracket nature of the World Cup means that not only are there bets on your home team, but for each bracket vying for a spot all the way up to the finals. This means that there are a lot of factors to consider, should you choose to bet on each bracket towards the finals. Here are some to keep in mind:

Roster and Starting Lineup

While some people usually only look at the strongest members of the team when deciding which of the competing teams is stronger, there are other factors to consider, especially if the key players on each team are similar in terms of skill and consistency. One key point is the starting lineup.

Given how long a soccer game goes on for, taking note of the starting lineup for the match will give you insight into how confident the team is as they come into the match. A more confident team will start strong, hoping to dominate early, while a more reserved team is likely to save some strong player for the later game to ensure they have fresh, strong players to outdo players who have been there since the first quarter.

Preliminary Performance

The preliminaries are usually a good indicator of how well a team will do down the line. Not only do the prelims show you how effective the team is, wins or losses accumulated here can affect the team down the line. For example, when a team that’s usually known for strong, decisive plays is only just managing to stay ahead of the opposition, it may be a good sign that the team isn’t at its best this year.

What do you usually consider when deciding which team to bet on? Let us know!